As part of this project, we created a survey to give to our film groups to gather feedback based on our services given to them.

The overall results are very positive, which goes to show that we achieved what we set out to, deliver 5 films at a high quality.

The results for Remember are as follows:

On the scaled questions, the order is ‘very poor’; ‘poor’; ‘okay’; ‘good’; ‘exceptional’.

The director said that he was satisfied with our services. Rating us ‘okay’ for pre-production communication when it came to understanding their requirements. Rating us ‘exceptional’ for our location recording services. And then rating us good for the music composition, Foley/SFX and the final mix/delivery.

I think that this feedback is more than fair. This film was always going to be one of the most demanding and most difficult films to work on, especially once we moved into post. As the supervisor of this film, I am a little disappointed that we weren’t rated at least ‘good’ on all services. However, the only time we were rated lower was during pre-production, which we didn’t have a great deal of involvement in as at this stage, the idea of working on 5 films together had not even been thought of, and I was very unsure if I would even be taking on just this film alone.

The comments given suggested that the music composition was the favoured part of the overall soundtrack, which is very pleasing considering how difficult this process was. However, noting issues with missing lines of dialogue, (which I am yet to actually find) as well as issues with some of the atmos being too loud meant that we didn’t quite get it right with this film. Whilst two different mixes were produced, one delivered to the director for him to re-sync after making changes, and one delivered for our hand-in, it can be said that the former is of a lower standard.

The plan is to deliver the new mix, however this has yet to be discussed with the film team.

I am pleased to note that the director says he would work with us again, and would recommend our services to others. Success!

Feedback is absolutely essential to make sure we are doing the right job, and we have been constantly asking for it from our film groups throughout the entire project, ensuring that we have always been on track and producing what the director wants. It’s very easy to go off and produce the soundtrack you think the film needs, but not what the director wants. In the real world, the director is always going to have the final say, so we made sure throughout this process that we always delivered, whilst still trying to work in some creativity of our own.

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