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The UK’s post-production sector has been a world leader in the audiovisual industries for as long as they have existed. Whether in the creative or technical spheres, its reputation as a highly innovative, high-quality sector that the UK has every right to be proud of has never been higher.
Post-production is a massive part of the film industry, and whilst a lot of the focus and attention falls onto the visual side of things, I believe it is the audio department where the biggest differences can be made to the finished quality of a film.
It’s easy to forgive a film for bad visuals providing that it has acceptable sound-quality. This works both ways, but perhaps depends which area of post you’re working in.
The actual picture for Remember didn’t quite turn out as hoped, this was due to a few different factors, not the least of which was a lack of close-up shots of particular characters. Whilst this can be put down to poor planning, it meant that we had to do the best job we could to make the audio absolute top-quality. Some of the shots in the film have characters with their backs turned to the camera, making our job very easy to either A) use a different line entirely (since you don’t see any mouth movement) or B) use the original line but tweak it to fit the scene better. Whilst the director wanted a very realistic feel to the film, this meant most of the sound was handled as such.
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